I’m Matt Vetter, Claude Kantner Research Fellow Vetter 150 by 200and doctoral student in English at Ohio University. Before starting work on my Ph.D., I earned an M.A. in Literature from Morehead State University and an M.F.A. in Poetry from Spalding University. My academic interests circle around questions related to digital culture and rhetorics, activism, composition theory, and poetics. I’m also something of a Wikipedia fanatic and my dissertation focuses on the collaborative culture of this community and the opportunities for writing pedagogy it affords. For the last two years, I’ve helped direct the writing program at Ohio University as Assistant Director of Composition. I'm currently a Graduate Fellow at the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative and Editor of Kairos PraxisWiki. 

Recent Courses

English 3060j: Women Writing in Digital Spaces
English 3080j: Digital Rhetorics & Literacies
English 3840j: Reading, Writing, & Rhetoric in the Professions
English 3080j: Writing in Wikipedia | 343 Ellis Hall, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701