Wikipedia Initiative for Rhetoric & Composition

The goal of this project was to create a Wikipedia Initiative for Rhetoric & Composition. The initiative sought to promote interest among graduate students and professionals in the discipline to further develop existing Wikipedia articles on topics in the field and would contain a list of such articles. In addition to these objectives, the initiative also provided links to materials on Wikipedia editing, tutorials for writing in the encyclopedia, and resources on integrating Wikipedia projects into graduate and upper-level undergraduate courses. The Wikipedia Education Project, a public policy project of the Wikimedia Foundation, provides a number of resources for the latter, but there have also been a small number of academic articles devoted to the subject of teaching composition with Wikipedia (Hood, 2007; Sweeney, 2012; Vetter, 2013). My own study, in Computers & Composition Online, detailed my experiences integrating Wikipedia assignments into composition courses.

WIRCS came about through the support of a 2013 Pearson Emerging Pedagogies Research and Travel Grant.