Yourself on the Internet: An Exploration of Your Digital Persona

1/13 Introduction to course, syllabus.
Homework: Sign grading contract. Read Solnit. IWA: Summary and Response in your Journals. Approx. 2 pages.
1/15 In class: Introduce Project One: Found Personal Essay. Discuss the Solnit article.
Homework: Read Stuckey-French and Jonathon Franzen. IWA: Write a two page journal response on your own use of social media and why you dis/agree with the points raised by Stuckey-French and Franzen.
1/20 In class: Watch Catfish (Season 1, Episode 6).
Homework:  Read Stillman and Durbin.  Begin working on Project One.
1/22 In Class: Discuss found poetry/essay. Group Activity: create a biographical found essay of a public figure using social media.
Homework: Complete your Found Essay for Peer Review. Bring digital copy of your draft to class.
1/27 Bring two printed copies of your Found Essay to class for peer review. In Class: Peer Review for Found Essay.
Homework: Revise your Found Essay and turn in your final version via Box by the start of class on 1/29. Read Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest.


Digital Gender: The Politics of Gender in Video Games and Video Gaming Communities

1/29 In class: In class play-through of Depression Quest. Introduce Project Two.
Homework: Read Annotated Bibliographies.
2/3 In Class: Introduction to creating annotated bibliographies. In class group research time. Work on Proposals in class.
Homework: Read Queer and Feminist New Media Spaces Continue work on your group annotated bibliography.
2/5 In Class: Introduction to using Twine. In class Twine workshop: create a mini-game that explores a personal experience.
Homework: Read A Rape in Cyberspace. 1 page IWA in your Notebooks. What is the relationship between the physical body and digital body? How does this text help you understand the digital body? Complete the group annotated bibliography and turn it in on Box by the start of class on 2/10.
2/10 In Class: Discuss A Rape in Cyberspace. In class time for working on Twine games.
Homework: Watch Feminist Frequency’s Damsels in Distress Episode One and Damsel in Distress Episode Two
2/12 In Class: Discuss Feminist Frequency. In class time for working on Twine games.
Homework: Read Twitter’s Free Speech Problem and Harassment, Misogyny, and Silencing on YouTube. (Content Warning: These are difficult articles and contain threats and language about sexual violence.)
2/17 In Class: Discuss digital discourse and harassment. In class time for working on Twine games.
Homework: Complete your Twine game and publish it to some place where you can share the game with your classmates for peer review. You must have a completed, working version of the game that is available for peer review by class time on 2/19.
2/19 In Class: Game Day (peer review)! Play through your peers’ games. Provide written feedback for the game.
Homework: Complete your group Twine Game and your individual reflective essays on the project/process of creating the game. Turn in on Box by the start of class on 2/24. Read Purdy’s Wikipedia Is Good for You?!


The Gender Gap in Wikipedia
Wikipedia Course Page:

2/24 In Class: Make-up day. (Schedule Change) Project 2 Peer Review and In-class Revisions
Homework: Work on Reflective Essays
2/26 In Class: Mid-Semester Evaluations; Project 2 due to Box
Homework: Read Purdy “Wikipedia Is Good For You?!” ; IWA: Write a 1 pg. response in your journal about how you use wikipedia and how it has been approached (or not) in other academic settings. For example, high school classes or college classes.
3/3 Spring Break
3/5 Spring Break
3/10 In Class: Introduce Wikipedia. Discuss and Review Purdy. Ask Students about how they use/understand WP.
Homework: Cohen’s Define Gender Gap? Look Up Wikipedia’s Contributor List; IWA: Write a 1 paragraph summary of the piece in your journals.
3/12 In Class: Assign Wikipedia Edit Project; Discuss Cohen. In-class activity: Browse to and read the Wikimedia article on Gender Gap and contrast with Cohen piece:
Homework: Create WP Account; Complete Modules 1 and 2 of Wikipedia Student Training; Read The Encyclopedia Must Fail! Notes on Queering Wikipedia
3/17 In Class: Review Modules 1 and 2. Review the Assignment. Explore Wikiprojects, looking for gaps and opportunities to edit; Discuss Raval.
Homework: Read Wadewitz’ Wikipedia’s Gender Gap and the Complicated Reality of Systemic Gender Bias. Read Gardner’s 9 Reasons Women Don’t Edit Wikipedia.
3/19 In Class: Discuss Wadewitz and Gardner. Introduce Proposal Assignment. Explore Wikiprojects, looking for gaps/opportunities to edit.
Homework: Wikipedia Student Training Modules 4 and 5
3/24 In Class: Review Modules 4 and 5. Practice editing in Talk pages and mainspace. Gamergate Controversy Talk Page Activity. Set up a user page and sandbox.
Homework: Finish Proposals
3/26 In Class: Workshop Proposals in Groups; Discuss possible problems and solutions.
Homework: Read McClure Googlepedia: Turning Information Behaviors into Research Skills. Write a half page IWA in your journal where you identify the 2 most useful lesson for research from this essay.
3/31 In Class: Discuss McClure; Introduce Database and Internet Research.
Homework: Research for Wikipedia Edit; Work on Annotate Bib.
4/2 In Class: Research; Groups share and review sources. Annotated Bibliography Due
Homework: Drafting article edits
4/7 In Class: Review Editing Basics; Drafting Article Edits in Sandboxes;
Homework: Research. Finish Sandbox Drafts. Read Stedman Annoying Ways People User Sources.
4/9 In Class: Review Citation/Documentation. Discuss Stedman. Post a link for Ambassador to Review Sandbox drafts.
Homework: Edit/Revise References section of articles.
4/14 In Class: Peer Review for Article Edits; Image and Infobox Tables; Work on Article Drafts
Homework: Read Sommers’ Revision Strategies; IWA: 1 pg in your journal that answers the following: How have you approached revision in the past? Do any of Sommers’ characterizations of student writers seem familiar? What can you learn from this piece about how to engage in more effective revision?
4/16 In Class: Discuss Process, Discuss Sommers, Process in Wikipedia;
Homework: Read Graham, “Wiki Space: Palimpsests and the Politics of Exclusion” in Critical Point of View: A Wikipedia Reader; IWA: 1 pg summary and response in your journal
4/21 In Class:  Discuss Graham, intersectionality, global/spatial rhetorics. West Wing Video. Assign Portfolio. Evaluations.
Homework: Revisions for Portfolio.
4/23 In Class: Revise articles according to ambassador’s feedback. “Publish” Wikipedia edits. Pizza Party.
Homework: Finish Portfolios due on Finals period________


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