Hacking Heteronormative Logics: Queer Feminist Media Praxis in Wikipedia

This article demonstrates queer feminist media praxis as a framework for investigating digital articulations (Johnson and Simmons, 2015) of gender in social media by unpacking heteronormativity; examining underlying epistemologies of procedural rhetoric and interface design that structure heteronormative identities; and performing a digital activist approach emphasizing a queer feminist media praxis. Such an approach allows for the enactment of a mode of praxis that engages in both critical analysis and speculative re-imagining of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, especially in terms of its cultural, sexual, and gender politics and how those politics are complicit in its adoption of Western rationalist epistemologies. In doing so, this article extends recent scholarship that critically analyzes technocultural formations of gender in digital media, including intersectional identities, and illustrates a conceptual framework of and for hacktivism.

  • Digital publishing / webtext
  • Digital rhetoric
  • https://www.tcjournal.org/vol7/hacking-hetero-normative-logics