Writing Assignments, Recent & Select

Genre Analysis Assignment

Collaboratively developed with Matthew Nunes for a course in Professional Writing, this project asks students to examine and analyze a particular genre in their chosen profession or discipline in order to make a realization about how it functions within that community.

Ethnographic Writing Guide

Students engage in ethnographic research to study the writing practices in their chosen professional community, and create a “guide” to help other novice writers entering that field or profession navigate its genres, identities, specialized language, goals/values, writing tools, and technologies and how these interact with writing. Because the guide targeted a novice audience, students also practiced key technical writing skills.

Professional Profile Package

Students construct a resume and cover letter targeting a specific and current job opening they have identified in an online search. A standard assignment for a professional writing course, this project is especially rich in that it asks students to write in a genuine rhetorical situation. The assignment also requires a cover letter in which students describe their experience. Collaboratively developed with Matthew Nunes for Writing in the Professions.

Group Hacktivist Project

A group assignment I designed as part of a course in Digital Rhetorics, this project asks students to appropriate a digital technology or medium in order to work towards a particular social agenda. Student groups engaged with issues like media literacy and student alcohol abuse

Portfolio and Reflection

A reflection and portfolio assignment, part of my Digital Rhetorics course design. Students showcased their major projects in their portfolios and made an argument about how literacy is changing in their final reflections, using experiences and readings from the course as evidence for their claims. By learning to utilize Wordpress as a portfolio Content Management System, students also learned transferrable digital publishing skills.

Found Social Media Essay

A “Found Social Media Essay” assignment developed collaboratively with Sarah Einstein for a course in Digital Rhetorics, this project asks students to investigate the construction of their online identities with/through the pastiche of social media fragments into a found essay. This assignment teaches awareness of digital identity production, essay style and form, and helps students make key realizations about the relation between language and identity, especially as it plays out in social media.